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OSOTEK Horizon H200 Wet Dry Vacuum


180° Horizontally Reclining Design
Innovative track-wheel roller brush
Water and Air Separation Technology


Intelligent Power Adjustment
Automatic Self-cleaning Roller
LED Headlights
Solid-liquid Separation Design
Continuous Track-Wheel Roller Brush increases the contact area by 4 times;
180° Horizontally Reclining Design, cleans floor while reclining flat on the floor;
-3 Sides Edge Cleaning, will Leave no Dirt or sStains in the corners.
Clean Water Tank:750ml
Battery: 4000mAh


Logistics Information:

Osotek Horizon Wet Dry Vacuum H200 (pc/carton)
Dimension: 23*31*101cm Net Weight: 7KG Gross Weight: 10.1KG
Osotek Horizon Wet Dry Vacuum H200 (2pcs/carton)
Dimension: 42*31*102cm Net weight: 19.4KG Gross Weight: 20.3KG

What's in the box:

1. OSOTEK Vacuum*1
2. Matribase Smart Base Station*1
3. Reserve Brush Roll*1
4. Reserve Filter*1
5. Power Cable*1
6. Cleaning Brush*1
7. Sanitization Formula*1
8. Measuring Bowl *1
9. User Manual