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GameSir T3s is a multi-platform game controller for Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, iOS and Android devices, ideal for gamers who want to use one controller on multiple devices. It allows you to switch between wireless or wired mode on large screen gaming devices such as desktops, laptops and Android TV, giving you more freedom to use the connection you prefer. Plus, you have complete freedom to customize in-game controls, including trigger range, vibration intensity, or turbo speed, and more. If you want a versatile controller that makes gaming easier and relatively unrestricted, the GameSir T3s gamepad will be your go-to.

Play big-screen games over a wired or wireless connection:

Obviously, wireless controllers allow you to sit on the couch as comfortably as possible and enjoy gaming on the bigger screen. The wired controller ensures a smooth and ultimate gaming experience without latency and low battery anxiety. A bigger screen requires more freedom, and when you have the GameSir T3s gamepad, it all comes naturally.

Technical Specifications:

Work Platform: Windows 7/10 or above, Android 7.0 or above, iOS 13 or above, Nintendo Switch

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 (for Switch, Android and iOS); Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter and Wired (for PC)

Vibration Motor: Yes (PC and Switch only)

Vibration Intensity Adjustment: Yes (PC and Switch only)

Six-axis gyroscope: No

Wake switch console function: yes

Battery: 600 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery

Product size: 162*102*67 mm/6.38*4.02*2.64 inches

Net Weight: 198 g / 0.44 lb

Package size: 165*112*76mm/6.50*4.41*3.00 inches

Cable Length (Wired Mode): 1.8 m / 5.91 ft

Package Contents:

GameSir-T3s *1

Bluetooth receiver*1

Micro-USB cable (1.8 m) *1

User Manual*1