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GameSir G7 Wired Controller for XBOX & PC


Wired connection with detachable 3m USB-C cable, Plug and Play
Custom paint your unique controller with 2 swappable faceplates
Hall Effect analog triggers with vibration
Hyper-realistic dual rumble motors in the grips
2 mappable back buttons
Microswitch-based ABXY buttons, tactile and super responsive
Unlimited customization via GameSir Nexus software
- Key Mapping
- Stick Deadzone
- Trigger Zone
- Vibration Level
- Create 3 custom profiles

Working Platform: Xbox Series X |S, Xbox One and Windows 10/11
Connection: Wired, 3m detachable USB-C cable
3.5mm Audio Jack: Yes
Micrphone Mute Button: Yes
Microswitch Buttons: Yes, ABXY
Analog Triggers: Yes, Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors
Analog Joysticks: Yes, ALPS
Rumble Motors: Yes, 4 in total, in each grips and triggers
Back Buttons: Yes, 2 Back Buttons
Customization Software: Yes, GameSir Controller
Battery: No